Volunteer Opportunities

2023- 2024 Volunteer Opportunities

Titans Dads and Moms on a Mission

One of the first initiatives of Titan Dads on Mission is to find volunteer dads to provide extra support to monitor hallways and restrooms at Hopewell.  The goal is to ensure safety and security. 


There are lots of easy and fun ways for you to get involved at Hopewell. Please print your information below and place a check by any activity listed that you’re interested in helping with or that you’d like more information about.  The committee chair Colleen Peterman will get in touch with you soon. All volunteers must register online as a volunteer at http://www.cms.k12.nc.us. Thank you for your volunteer commitment!

Volunteer Name:______________________________________________________________________

Home phone:______________________________ Work/Cell Phone:_____________________________

E-Mail Address:_______________________________________________________________________

Child’s Name(s) and Grade(s):____________________________________________________________

❑ Audit – Perform audits throughout the school year on the PTSA books. 

❑ Beautification – Assisting with scheduled beautification days scheduled throughout the school year. 

❑ Fundraising – Assist with various functions relating to the Fall Fundraiser.

❑ Homecoming & Talent Show – Assist with Homecoming in the Fall and Talent Show in the Spring. 

❑ Reflections Contest – National contest for the arts in the Fall. 

❑ Senior Events – Assist with senior class events throughout the year. 

❑ Staff Appreciation – Assist with staff appreciation events throughout the school year. 

❑ Titan Recognition – Assist with events celebrating outstanding Titans at the end of each quarter.

❑ General Volunteer – I have a flexible schedule and would like to be on a list to be notified when help is needed “in a pinch”.