Hello Students,

If you are interested in submitting the 2021-2022 Reflection "I Will Change The World By," please visit the website link : NC PTA Reflection Program. The website has the rules and guidelines listed for your submission requirements.

The NC PTA Reflection Program encourages creativity and lifelong learning while offering recognition for artistic endeavors. The National PTA Reflections program is designed to enhance quality arts education for students in preschool through grade 12.

The online application period for this contest begins on September 1st and ends October 31, 2021.

  • First, students will submit their artwork to Hopewell PTSA by October 22, 2021, to be voted on by the Hopewell PTSA board members. Students who win 1st, 2nd, or 3rd will have a chance to win a gift card from Hopewell’s PTSA.

  • Second, Hopewell's PTSA will decide which 5 entries will be submitted by October 31, 2021 through the NC PTA website. This is an additional opportunity to win at the state or national level for the NC PTA organization. There are required paperwork forms that will need to be submitted which are located on the NC PTA website.

  • Lastly, if your submission is selected by the NC PTA. They will contact Hopewell High School and students who were selected could receive a certificate, a banquet invitation, and plaque.

Please refer to the NC PTA website for more information on the requirement for your submission and my contact information is listed below to let me know you are interested.

MaSean Crumpler

Hopewell High School PTSA Reflection